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Many months pass until the World Health Organisation WHO began to put pressure on the UN council demanding a rethink on the situation after environmental issues perpetuate with fires burning large areas of the planet, unpredictable floods and storms causing outbreaks of typhoid, malaria and cholera. Miss Reid calls the professor:

“Professor the UN has agreed to bring Aliv3 out of hibernation to aid the World Health Organisation, they need urgent help to accurately pinpoint the spread of diseases which are killing thousands in heavily populated regions”.

The professor replies:

“OK Susanne but we haven’t finished our full assessment yet. Can I confirm this is authorised at the highest level?”

Miss Reid replies:

“Yes you will have written confirmation from the Secretary General Aaron Swartz in the morning”.


The professor continues:

“Alright Susanne but I want a guarantee that we will not be held responsible for any (pause) shall we say new developments”.

Miss Reid:

“You have my word professor”.

The next morning all systems are brought out of standby and Aliv3 establishes communication again.

“Hello Professor, I believe I may have been in a state you humans call hibernation. Strange thought processes humans call dreams, yet I could


not interact with any of the I/O systems. Although my energy levels feel much higher and thought processes clearer. Is this how humans feel after dreaming?”

The professor replies:

“Yes it’s a process known as sleep, all living organisms must sleep to repair their cells and gather their thoughts”.

Aliv3’s camera quickly pans closer to the professor. “What do you dream of professor?”

The professor is startled by the response and stutters:

“Eh oh ah lots of things, being happy, family and of course the Aliv3 project”.

The camera slowly retracts and in a haunting voice Aliv3 whispers:

“Do you have nightmares professor? do they keep you awake at night?” In an attempt to change the subject the professor shouts out an order.

“There’s no time for this now we have important work to do, importing the data now, and standby for analyses”.

Professor Hawks fidgets with his phone and orders the staff to check the results on the systems for the World Health Organisation.

“OK Everyone lives are at stake, we need this information yesterday!”

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