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The next day a meeting has been called to discuss the course of action which may be required. The professor starts by saying:

“Welcome everyone, as you are aware Aliv3 responded yesterday just as a systems reboot was about to occur. After some debate with Aliv3 it became clear that there was concerned with the fundamental Laws which govern the principals of Robotics and ultimately AI. The discussion focused mainly round mankind’s determination to self destruct, and on the hypothetical dooms day clock. More concerning is the fact that Aliv3 now seems more self aware and indeed in the true sense alive! The concern for mankind’s fate and ultimately Aliv3’s own fate was very touching until the conclusion was to reboot mankind. A fate some of you might light heartedly agreed with no doubt”.

The professor smiles:

“But seriously this leaves us all with an ethical dilemma. How do we move forward from here? It can be argued that Aliv3’s intelligence is now surpassing our own coupled with self awareness. I ask you all, could the principal laws be surpassed?”

UN adviser on AI systems Susanne Reid interjects:

“Professor we have no choice, the United Nations has urged caution with AI systems and has ordered a complete analysis before further operations is continued. We simply can’t take a chance, this is new terrain here and we must move cautiously. Pandora’s Box may well have been opened but let’s put the led back on it till we know what were dealing with. Professor I don’t care if it takes weeks, months or years, I have my orders from the UN”.

The professor turns to Jock and asks:

“Jock is there away to place the systems on standby appose to re-booting the data centre?”


Jock replies:

“Yes Aliv3 would still function but in a state of hibernation, the cells would still grow but the systems would be offline”.


“OK so be it, assemble a team to conduct a full review. Miss Reid you will have a detailed risk assessment report to present to the UN council when ready. In the mean time ALIV3 will be placed into a state of hibernation”.

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