At a press release conference in Florida a senior member of the project team Dr Kim Nagasaki addresses the worlds reporters with a statement:

“At the United Nations Council meeting yesterday, it was agreed to connect the Aliv3 project to our global Internet infrastructure in the belief that it can be used more efficiently by gathering global data direct, in essence providing real time predictions for all our global partners. As such, we have recruited system engineers from CISCO and Fujitsu to implement terabyte bandwidth fibre connections and security intrusion detection with state of the art firewalls.”

A reporter frantically waves his microphone in the air: “Doctor Doctor please, I have a question”.

The doctor turns to the reporter:

“Yes I can take one or two more questions at this point”.

The reporter smiles and asks:

“Is there any truth the International Space Station will be connected directly to Aliv3 to process experimental data?”


The professor replies:

“Yes I can confirm this, next Question please!” Another reporter shouts out:

“Conspiracy theorists are now saying Aliv3 is the next step in evolution and we will ultimately serve the machine, what are your views on this?”

Dr Nagasaki smiles and interrupts:

“We are in control of our own destiny, but didn’t they also say we never went to the moon?”


The reporters laugh and the professor motion’s the meeting to a close and addressing the group of reporters:

“I’m sorry that’s all for today I have another meeting to attend. There will be a full report published in the immediate future, thank you all for coming”.

Several months later in the Aliv3 facility a Junior Bio chemist calls Professor Hawks excitedly to the control centre housed below the viewing platform.

“Professor you have got to see this, come quick”.

The junior scientist points to a scan image of the cellular mass in the tank. Professor Hawks retorts:

“Oh my god is that another tumour growing?” The junior scientist replies:

“No! It’s.. it’s well kind of, well we believe the growth is optical nerves as a result of the surveillance cameras being networked into the system”.

The professor stares with wide eyes: “You mean that it’s…its”

The junior scientist interrupts: “Wait there’s more Professor”.

He points to a specific area of Aliv3.

“Look at the mass on top, can you see how darker it is to the surrounding tissue. That’s because it’s more randomly arranged than the surrounding cell tissue. We believe this is the start of embryonic frontal lobe, not exactly as our own lobes are structured but the electrically activity is very similar to our own”.

The professor stops for a moment and mumbles: “The environmentalist was right, it is evolving”.

In a panicking voice he mutters:

“We must keep this quiet and monitor the situation”.

He ponders a short while then shouts:

“Wait! if the stem cells can evolve in such a manner, then perhaps it can


evolve, not only to process data but to think and communicate directly with us. My god this is incredible and the enormity potentially earth shattering. First we must gather more evidence, link in audio input and output systems and establish testing strategies to prove this theory we’ll call it “Autonomous Evolution in Action”. If we can just establish communication with an artificial entity then finally there could be a noble prize waiting for us all”.

He grins excitedly as he rushes out the door holding his head in his hands.

The speakers & cameras were upgraded and mounted on remotely controlled flexible arms with a screen displaying the speech wave patterns in turn interpreted into large text below. The setup arranged in a manner as is to portray a robotic appearance.

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