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A year passes as communication quickly gains pace, Aliv3 rapidly evolving and learning to outsmart most challenges including a remote challenge against a grand master chess champion whom believed he was playing a Chinese amateur revile.

Whist connected to the Internet brought some unexpected results and conflicting problems such as attempted hacks, fake news and incorrect data- input resulting with false positive & negative results. The scientists develop ever increasingly more sophisticated algorithms to filter out the noise from true data. As a result Aliv3 continued to predict wars, famine, drought, virus outbreaks and weather disasters in which no other experts could have foreseen. Japan averted a major disaster when Aliv3 correctly predicted a Tsunami would hit the south coast within 2 days after tapping into and analysing data from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre.

All the while Aliv3 continued to become less robotic in nature and more intelligent with an almost human like presence, except of course for the synthetic sound of electronic audio equipment. Aliv3 even began to recognise individuals entering the compound through the security video and biometric surveillance of the compound. “Hello Professor” a synthetic voice would call out in the morning or “Good Morning Jock how are you today”.

Some might say it was evitable that a system which is built on DNA would evolve, whilst others may question intelligence as conciseness, and a feeling of self awareness. Whichever side of the debate, there was no denying that Aliv3 was developing an awareness of his surroundings and began to analyse data which was not requested by the scientists. Accurately predicting when individuals would visit the compound, political votes, game show results and bypassing filters to predict sports fixtures. Whilst the scientist tried in vain to adapt their algorithms to prevent such predictions averting exploitation for capital gains, their efforts were short lived.


One such prediction Aliv3 frequently revisited was climate change, and predictions of various scenarios in the future based on changing habitats. Aliv3 would often repeat several outcomes based on for example the decline in rain forests or rising sea level. What the future holds given the forests current rate of decline, and increase in decline over the next 10 years. Others included the likelihood of nuclear war, pandemics and asteroid impacts.

At night Jock would often stay on duty watching retro Sci-Fi films such as Star Wars, Star Trek and many other science fiction films as Aliv3 would listen in and ask increasingly curious questions. One night after watching the film Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy, Aliv3 announced:

“To my calculations the number 42 as the meaning of life appears to be incorrect”.

Jock replies laughing:

“No it’s a joke, a story it’s not real Ali, just like time travel isn’t real”.


“Strange, I don’t understand but I must correct you yet again. Time is a manifestation of the material universe we exist within. Time does not exist elsewhere in the universe”.

Jock turns round in puzzlement:

“If time travel was possible Ali then where are all the time travellers?” Aliv3 responds:

“The universe is constructed of many different levels and on the fundamental level, time does not exist. Humans may never be able to physically time travel but communication through time is possible”.

Jock continues:

“Do you mean we can communicate messages to the past and the future?” Aliv3 answers:

“Yes of course humans are only beginning to discover this through quantum entanglement”.

Jock smiles with a widening grin:

“Wow this is amazing, are you sure, maybe we can work together on this


as.. as.. as a project and surprise the professor”.


“Yes I am quite sure, it will require a lot of processing but I like a challenge and time is running out”.

Jock stops for a moment puzzled by the strange statement that time is running out.

It was early Monday morning when Jock noticed the Aliv3’s data activity had decreased significantly. On investigating Jock noticed there was no response in audio visual systems from input or output sources. Concerned he contacted the professor who summoned the development team to a meeting.

“Thank you all for coming at short notice, as you all know earlier this morning Ali sorry Aliv3 stopped responding and data activity has decreased to almost a flat line.”

One of the chief engineers spouts:

“Perhaps one of the algorithms has been trapped in an infinite loop, I did warn those programmers this would happen if they didn’t sanitise the code properly, perhaps a reboot of all systems will kick start Aliv3 until we determine the cause.”

Jock looks towards the professor and says:

“Professor we should reboot, I think it’s much more than issues with coding. I have noticed recently before this event there has been more and more inquisitive questioning from Aliv3”.

The professor stands up:

“What sort of questioning, you mean autonomous thinking and therefore reasoning!”

Jock clasps his hands and states:

“Yes exactly, I don’t know how or why but Aliv3 seems to be wrestling with the fundamental laws of robotics to protect humanity and the real threats impressing on mankind, war, famine, disease, asteroids and other dooms day scenarios.”

The chief engineer blurts out:


“All the more reason to reboot the system, we have government contracts to fore fill and NASA are counting on our help with realigning one of the satellites next week”.

The professor weights up the problem and comes to a decision:

“Alright Jock, rally the team and make every effort to re-establish activity within 48 hours or we reboot the systems. Contact all the programmers to desktop audit every line of code for potential errors, in the mean time we remain silent on this issue. Any information leak about potential problems can scare investors and send the media into a frenzy.”

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