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Eighteen months later during talks at the United Nations building in London, senior military advisor to the UN on AI systems Susanne Reid draws to her conclusion on steps to secure the Aliv3 facility. Miss Reid a young athletic lady of striking beauty turns to face the table of middle age men, leans forward, smiles and quietly whispers to one of American UN members:
“This is the serious part, so you can stop looking at my ass now and listen”.
The gentlemen shuffle awkwardly as they sit up and take note. Miss Reid continues in a firm voice:
“The priceless value of Aliv3 to our existence has lead to the rise of many potential threats. We can’t afford to ignore these threats any longer.
Rogue nations, political activists, natural disasters and greed for power are all real and present dangers. The lab is already internally secure but we must urgently protect our asset from outside threats by isolating the facility through a series of logical and physical defences, starting with monitoring the outside perimeter and taking steps to prevent intruders into the compound”.
Miss Reid reads from a list: “I propose the following, 1 CCTV monitoring
2 15 foot electric fencing with razor wire 3 Security guards at entry check points
4 Biometric identification and two phased authentication checks 5 Bomb proof roof and walls
6 Autonomous water cannons

7 Entry warning signs
Gentlemen, only this morning a large crowd of environmental and conspiracy theorists gathered to protest against what they ridiculously claim as, THE BEAST! Derived from the bibles book of revelations, they even painted 666 on the outside walls. We need urgent legal and financial backing or every crackpot and power hungry dictator will descend upon Aliv3 putting our future at risk”.
Miss Reid looks round the table placing her hands firmly on the desk and continues:
“We have already used some of our limited budget to implement video surveillance and new alarm systems at the entrances to the building.
These systems have been inter-linked with existing systems directly to the server clusters in order to enhance AI identification of any threat”.
UN chairman John Watts interrupts:
“Miss Reid you will have your funding and more, this is no longer a civil matter but a military one. MI5 and NSA have reported attempts to sabotage the facility from extremists through any means possible. It has already been discussed at high international levels to provide military grade insurance against any threats. I thank you for sharing your views and hope you can collaborate with Major Harper on this matter. Now to formally close the proceedings I would like to put this to a vote”.
The UN chairman for the meeting motions the table members to agree as they stand and quietly leave the room. As the room empties Miss Reid asks the chairman:
“Are we talking sentry guns and drones or simple guards here?” UN chairman replies:
“Guards to begin with, (The chairman smiles) if necessary autonomous sentry guns, fighter drones and guards arm to the teeth, (The chairman starts to laugh) I have it from the highest command, no chances to be taken!”
The chairman continues laughing and walks away motioning his entourage to follow.
Three weeks later the construction of the security defences begins. The

building is encased in concrete to form a bomb proof dome before sentry points are erected with high tech autonomous water cannons surround by an almost impenetrable fort ridge of steel wire and surveillance equipment.
Miss Reid enters the viewing platform inside the lab where Professor Hawks stands staring down at the glowing room below.
Miss Reid calls out:
“Professor Hawks, Hello! Professor Hawks are you OK”.
A startled professor jumps slightly:
“Oh I am sorry Miss Reid I was deep in thought”.
Miss Reid replies:
“You look worried, is everything OK professor”.
The professor sighs:
“I never thought it would come to this, in my mind Aliv3 would end poverty, improve our health and perhaps end wars not bloody well start them!”
Miss Reid comforts the professor with an arm round his shoulder and reassuringly says:
“It will quieten down, it’s all for the good. When the news media get bored of talking about Aliv3, then things will improve”.
The professor sighs again and in a quiet voice mutters: “I hope your right young lady, I hope your right”.
They turn to the large TV screen on the wall as the news reporter announces:
“The controversial so called “AI Aliv3 project” came under immense pressure today from environmental conspiracy theorists, as large crowds gathered outside the facility protesting against what some claim is.. “The beginning of the end for mankind!” our correspondent Jim Bean spoke to several of the crowd members. Over to you Jim!”
“Hi Susanne earlier I spoke to one protester who claims the project is meddling with and I quote: “Gods own work!”. Another claims it’s the work of Aliens whilst another simply believes AI will take over mankind! Whatever your belief Susanne there is no doubt we are all on the cusp of

something universally changing and with change always comes controversy. Over to you Susanne!”
The professor points the remote at the screen and switches it off as he walks out the room.

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